Rental of inflatable boats in Porto San Paolo: discovering the sea of ​​Sardinia!

Noleggio Gommoni Skipper is a company based in Loiri Porto San Paolo, in the province of Sassari, in the beautiful and evocative scenery of the protected area Tavolara-Punta Coda Cavallo, one of the most beautiful corners of Sardinia. It mainly deals with rental of inflatable boats and pleasure boats, ideal for trips and excursions, departing from the port of Porto San Paolo or Cala Finanza. Our rental service is available for both short and long periods. It is also possible to book guided tours or reserve a boot to do some fishing. Dinghy Charter Skipper offers boat launching and launching services for small boats both with towed on trolleys and with mooring at special buoys at Cala Finanza.

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The Tavolara-Punta Coda Cavallo Protected Marine Area: a breathtaking landscape

The boat rental offered by our company takes place in a breathtaking setting, one of the many landscapes we are proud of in Sardinia: the Marine Protected Area Tavolara-Punta Coda Cavallo. Established in 1997 by decree of the Ministry of the Environment, it includes about 15 thousand hectares of sea and 40 kilometers of coastal territory rich in wonderful coves where the Mediterranean scrub reaches the sea.
It is impossible not to be dazzled by the beauty and peculiarity of a truly irresistible landscape. The contrast between the limestone of the Tavolara island and the rounded and granitic shapes of smaller islands such as Molara, Molarotto, Piana and Cavalli is spectacular. Submerged areas are also among the most sought after by underwater tourism throughout Sardinia. The area is bordered by the coastal communes of Olbia, Loiri Porto San Paolo and San Teodoro, which in 2004 formed a management consortium for the protection of this articulated archipelago and its biodiversity.

Boating between beaches, promontories and coves: for an unforgettable trip

The protected area starts from Capo Ceraso to reach Cala Finocchi, south of San Teodoro, in a succession of coves, beaches, promontories, some of which can only be reached via the sea by renting a boat. In 2007, the area gained the recognition of Aspim (Specially Protected Area of ​​Mediterranean Importance): it includes the pool of San Teodoro, a site of community interest and the Special Protection Zone of Isola di Tavolara, Molara and Molarotto. The wildlife of the area is also varied and of great interest: there are many species of birds, amphibians and reptiles, as well as the botanical heritage.
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